Hospital Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Hospital Appointments and results – FAQs

We receive many queries from patients who are currently on a waiting list for an outpatient appointment or treatment. The hospital team who is planning your care is responsible for keeping you informed about the likely wait and for answering any queries you have about your care. We are also frequently asked about results for tests arranged by a hospital specialist. We are aware that it can sometimes be difficult to contact your hospital team, so we have prepared answers to the common questions we receive.

Q. When will my hospital appointment or treatment be?

A. Hospitals do not inform us when your appointment will be, and we have no way of accessing hospital system to check this for you. You will need to contact your hospital or clinic.

Q. I want to ask a question about my proposed treatment or the treatment I have recently received. Who should I speak to?

A. The hospital or clinic who are planning your treatment or who have recently treated you are best placed to discuss any queries or concerns you have. You should contact the clinic directly – they are responsible for providing this information.

Q. My appointment is too far away, and I don’t feel I can wait that long, or my symptoms have worsened. Who should I speak to?

A. GP practices do not have any direct control over your hospital or clinic appointment. If you are unhappy with the appointment you have been offered you should speak to the hospital or clinic providing your care. Only the hospital or clinic can change your appointment.

Q. My hospital or clinic has told me I need to get my GP to write a letter requesting an earlier appointment. What should I do?

A. We are aware that some hospitals and clinics ask patients to ask their GP to write a letter requesting an earlier appointment. If your symptoms have changed significantly and your hospital or clinic declines to discuss this with you directly, then we would ask that you complete an eConsult (available via our website) detailing your concerns and we will pass these concerns directly to your specialist. If you are unhappy with the wait for your treatment but there has been no change in your symptoms, then you will need to discuss these concerns directly with your hospital or clinic.

Q. I have recently had a test arranged by a hospital or clinic, but I haven’t had the results. Who should I contact? A. The person who requested a test is responsible for reviewing the result, taking any appropriate action, and ensuring you get the result. If you have not received your result or have any questions or concerns about the test result, then you will need to contact the hospital or clinic specialist who requested the test. It may not be possible for you to be given the result immediately over the telephone but if this is not possible then arrangements should be made for the result to communicated to you by letter or for a follow up appointment with a specialist to be made. The hospital or clinic should advise you when you will receive your result.