Websites re: specific MH disorders

Bipolar UK

Info, advice, peer support line.

Hearing Voices

Info and resources, workshops, Hearing Voices groups, networking.

Understanding Voices

Information about different ways to cope with voice-hearing and how to support those who hear voices.

BEAT – Eating Disorders

Info and support, helplines, advice for families/friends.

OCD Action

Advice, support, helplines.

OCD Youth

For under 25’s. Organise trips, online meets, youth website.

Peer Talk: Facing Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Online resources, useful links and weekly peer support group meetings (currently only Surry and Bordon, East Hants).

Borderline in the ACT (Australia)

Info, advice, education about EUPD. Support for loved ones.

Emotions Matter (US)

Resources, advice, support.

DBT Tools

Useful, practical skills for coping with distress, emotional regulation, coping with relationships and mindfulness.

Helpguide - EUPD

Useful info page and advice for families/carers.

Anxiety UK

Helpline, information about anxiety, free resources, yearly membership option for a fee.

No Panic

Helplines for adults and young people, info, resources, useful videos demonstrating coping skills, 24hr guided relaxation message for those having a panic attack.

Panic attacks: What they are and what to do about them (Open University)

Free online course through Open Uni that provides psychoeducation as well as where to get help/ how to help self with panic attacks.

Anxiety Canada

Online CBT programs. Info as well as practical tools re: anxiety in adults, young people, children. Mindshift CBT app.