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by Anonymous gave Hedge End Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Timely help at a difficult time

I called for help for my terminally ill mother recently and I cannot fault the care that was provided both to my mum and also to me. The doctor visited our home and talked everything through with my mum and then with me too afterwards. It turns out the same doctor also got some help for my son the week before with an infection that had been lingering and undiagnosed for many months, he was referred to the hospital immediately and we had help for him within an hour

Visited in May 2019, Posted on 20 May 2019

by Chrissy gave Hedge End Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Emergency Appointment

I only registered at this practice 3 weeks ago. I was really not wanting to change practices, but to far away from last practice.
I have a condition but requires immediate emergency treatment, and being known at my last practice I always received immediate treatment.
Last week I become unwell, and had to contact the surgery for the first time.
I was pleased to hear that you actually have an emergency option when I had to call, the staff were very helpful and contacted the doctor while I was on the line, I was told via the staff to come straight down to see a doctor.
The doctor was very caring, arranged an emergency ambulance and my admission to hospital. This was all very reassuring for me.
My only uncomfortable issue was that I had to wait in the reception in front of other patients for the ambulance, the doctor did pop out to check on me, also one of the reception staff.
Whether this is usual or no available room to put me in., I don't know, but I'm very grateful for the care I was given.

Visited in February 2019, Posted on 22 February 2019