Private Fees

Private Fee Guide – August 2020

Certificates and Forms

Private sick note                                                                                                                                            £36.00      

Single page insurance certificate, letter or other form requiring signature only         £36.00

Multi-page insurance certificate, letter or form                                                                            £61.00

Fitness to travel certificate or letter                                                                                                   £61.00

Check of documentation against medical records e.g. Army, Police                   from    £61.00 ***

Short written medical report                                            15mins                                          from    £61.00 ***

Detailed medical report on pro-forma                        30mins                                          from    £117.00 ***

Detailed written report and opinion                            40mins                                           from    £159.00 ***

Power of Attorney                                                                40mins                                           from    £159.00 ***


Medical examinations

Short medical examinations                                           40mins                                           from    £159.00 ***

e.g. HGV, PSV, Taxi, Sports medicals          

Full medical examinations                                                1 hour                                              from    £239.00 ***

e.g. Fitness to travel, insurance, pre-employment                  


*** Indicates minimum fee. Actual charge will depend on complexity of the work


Please ask at reception for other items of work not listed. We will contact you if the requested work is more complex and costly to complete. We may ask for payment before the work is undertaken.

These fees are for guidance only and are subject to change without notice

Payment is preferred by card, but cash and cheques accepted.