Private Fees

Private Fee Guide – July 2019

Medical Report and Examinations

Comprehensive examination and report (45 mins) £215.00

Driving medicals eg HGV, PSV £176.00

Detailed written report & opinion (30 mins) £143.00

Report on a pro forma, no examination (20 mins) £115.00

Extract from records (15 mins) £71.00

Private sick note £31.00



Holiday insurance certificate £31.00

Certificate of vaccination £22.00

Fitness to travel (fee depends on medical history) from £31.00


Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Validation of treatment/pre-treatment form £31.00- £99.00

Report on prospective PMI subscriber £102.00



Ofsted Childminder form £97.00

Driving licence countersignature £31.00

Tandem Parachute form (if no medical required) £31.00

Other private letters and reports from £ 31.00


Private consultation

GP consultation (15 minutes) £61.00


Fees are based on the time taken to complete the work.  Please contact reception for further details.

Our nurses are no longer permitted to undertake private procedures due to changes in indemnity.