New Routine Appointment System

We have worked with our Patient Participation Group, taken heed of the Nation Patient Survey and our monthly Friends and Family Survey, and consulted with our staff, and made some small changes to our appointment system.

Routine appointments can now be booked 2 weeks in advance (rather than 4), and are released every week day at 2pm (rather than just every Monday). This means we hopefully are able to offer a better range of options to patients who can't call us or go online on Monday afternoons.

We now also offer more ability to book a telephone appointment if you'd rather not come in (booked 2 weeks in advance, the same as the routine appointments).

And we are also working on GP continuity appointments for patients who would clinically benefit most from this (generally vulnerable or frail patients).

Our on-day system hasn't changed, the best way to get help more urgently is to use eConsult; if you're not able to use this, please call first thing in the morning.

Please bear with us while we bed this in - you may be asked to try again tomorrow if there are no appointments in 2 weeks time for your chosen GP.

The appointments now release automatically at 2pm, so are available online exactly the same time as on the phones. Please ask if you don't have online access and would like to book appointments online.

We thank our patients for their patience! Please do share with local friends and family, espcially if they're not on Facebook or on our website.

Published: Sep 9, 2019