NHS England have informed us that they have procured alternate stock from the US, so Primary Care can start to resume normal blood tests once that stock flows into our system. They expect this to happen over the next 8 weeks.

We have a number of people who had appointments that we needed to cancel, so we are first contacting them to rebook before we open routine booking. The GPs have prioritised those that were cancelled, so we will rebook those over the next 8 weeks. Everyone who was cancelled will receive a text or phone call to rebook. If you had an appointment which was cancelled due to the shortage, and have not heard from us by the end of September with a new date, please contact us.

Patients who didn't have an appointment but need to book routine bloods should contact us in 6 weeks (beginning of November), or book online for the middle of November onwards when routine slots will be made available.

We will continue to offer clinically urgent blood tests where the requestor has marked them as urgent on the blood form.

Please note the hospitals will be slightly further behind us on being able to offer routine appointments as they have been asked to continue to only request and offer urgent blood tests.


NHS England have informed us that due to the global blood bottle shortage, all non-urgent blood tests need to be cancelled.

Urgent bloods include:

  • Two-week wait referrals
  • Those extremely overdue or essential for safe prescribing
  • Those to prevent hospital admission
  • Those to check for sepsis or other high risk conditions.

If you currently have a blood test booked, we will be in touch with you by text (if you have a mobile) if we have to cancel. If you don't have a mobile, we will call you. If you don't hear from us, the test is still booked.

If you have been asked to have a blood test before the 31st August, we will need to check whether it is urgent before booking you in, please call and speak to reception (ideally after 10am).

If you are asked to have a blood test from 31st August onwards, the clinician will have already made the decision about whether it is urgent or not. If you're not sure, please ask reception who will be able to check on your records.

NHS England have said they will have an update on the stock position on 17th September, so we will update this page then.

If we do have to cancel your blood test appointment, we will reinvite you when we are able to. If you have not yet booked and your test is not urgent, please keep checking this page for the latest information. We will also communicate information on Facebook if you wish to follow our page.

Please note that the hospital is in the same position as us, so it is not possible to have an appointment there for non-urgent bloods.


Updated 20th September

Published: Aug 27, 2021