Covid booster and Flu vaccines for patients at Hedge End Medical Centre

This year, patients in the at risk groups will be offered a flu vaccine at Hedge End Medical Centre, and a Covid vaccine centrally with the Primary Care Network from Bursledon Surgery.

We will be texting or writing to all patients who are eligible for their flu vaccine, but if you are over 50, or an adult under 50 with a condition that qualifies them for the flu vaccine, you can either book with us or a pharmacy. We have some appointments left for under 65s in an at risk group, and may have more for all ages once we receive our deliveries. Children age 2-3 can book with us - appointments currently available by phone or online. School age children will receive the flu vaccine from the school nursing team. Housebound patients will be visited by our nurses or the community care team nurses.

Adult flu clinics: Saturday 18th September, Sunday 19th September, Saturday 16th October, Sunday 17th October, Saturday 6th November, and Sunday 7th November. Depending on supplies, we may then organise more clinics.

How to book your Flu vaccine appointment

When you receive your text or letter to book your flu vaccine, please use the NHS App, or Patient Access to book online. If you don't have access to online appointment booking, you can call the practice any weekday beteween 10.30 and 12.30, or 3.30 and 4.30 (option 4) to book using our flu hotline. You can also use this telephone availiability to ask questions if this website hasn't answered them. By only allowing bookings and questions via the flu hotline on option 4, the normal phone lines won't be blocked for patients who are needing medical help.

We will also be offering the Pneumonia vaccine for patients who are eligible.

We know we are offering the flu vaccine much earlier than usual, but the evidence shows that this year's flu season will be much earlier, and affect around 40% more people than normal, so we felt it was important to give good coverage earlier.

If you are not able to make the dates we have available, you can either wait for future clinics, or book elsewhere.

If you are housebound (i.e. never leave the house due to disability or frailty), we are able to offer the flu vaccine to you at home. If we are already aware you are housebound, this will happen automatically (you will be contacted beforehand by telephone). If you are newly housebound, or unsure, please call the flu hotline during the availability hours.

How to book your Covid booster appointment

Eligible patients will receive an invite when they are able to book. This may be from the central NHS in the form of a text, letter or email. It will contain information on how to book.

Our PCN will also contact our patients by text or telephone. Texts and phone calls will be starting at the end of September.

The text will contain a link to book the appointment. If you don't have a mobile phone, or are unable to use the internet on your phone, the team from the PCN will call you - calls may come from a witheld number.  Please don't call the practice to enquire about appointments are we are unable to book them.

You will need to leave at least 6 months between your second Covid vaccine and the booster. The team will work this out for you and invite you at the correct time. Eligible patients will be those who were previously eligible, plus the high risk children aged 12-17. Initially, those invited will be the over 70s, CEV and immunosupressed, and healthcare and social care workers.

If you have not yet had your second Covid vaccine, or not yet received your first (and are eligible), this service will also be able to vaccinate you. There is no need to let us know, you will automatically get an invite.

Housebound patients will receive their flu and Covid vaccines from the Community Nursing Team. We have given them the list of patients who are housebound, so if you are newly housebound and we don't know about it, please let us know.

Further information

Please keep checking this page for more information.

UPDATED: 23rd September 2021

Published: Jul 20, 2021