Covid-19 vaccine update

We are very excited to have started offering the Covid-19 vaccine to our patients. We are working with our Primary Care Network (PCN)  and the other local practices to offer the vaccine all our patients who are eligible. At the moment, we are being allocated small amounts of stock across the 50,000 local patients, and have been told the order of priority that we are able to vaccinate in.

There is up to date information about the vaccine here, it also includes information about contraindications (when it's not suitable to have the vaccination).

In terms of the current practicalities:

  • We will contact you to offer you the vaccine - please don't contact us as it will stop people getting through on the phone lines
  • Currently, all the vaccines are being administered at Bursledon Surgery in Lowford
  • You will need two injections twelve weeks apart
  • We have now vaccinated or have booked in all our over 80s APART FROM OUR HOUSEBOUND PATIENTS. If you are over 80 and not housebound, please now call us to book your appointment if you're not already booked. (Note this only applied to first vaccines). We are currently writing to over 80s who aren't booked to ask them to call us to make an appointment, as we know not everyone has access to the internet.
  • We have almost completed all of our older adult nursing and care home patients, and are doing our housebound patients in the coming week.
  • The invite may come by letter, text or by telephone. Some telephone calls are being made on our behalf by our PCN, so may come from a withheld or unfamiliar number
  • We will try to contact you at least three times including at least once by letter, so please don't worry if you miss our call
  • You are able to decline the vaccine, and we will record this on your notes.
  • Frontline Health and Social Care Workers are now being vaccinated in Hospital Hubs. Please contact your employer to find out what their arrangements are. If you  don't have an employer as you are self- employed, please contact us using the ADMIN section of eConsult.

You will have seen in the news that nationally, the invites are starting to go to patients in the over 70 age group and those who are extremely clinically vulnerable. We will be contacting people in these groups as we get further deliveries.

If you do not yet have an appointment, please do not call us (unless you are over 80). 

In addition, please note the call from the vaccine centre may appear as an unknown number. This is out of our control and cannot be changed.

Thank you again for your continued support during the rollout of this vaccine.

We will keep this page, and our Facebook page updated as we get more information.

Last updated: 26th January 2021

Published: Nov 19, 2020

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