How to register for Online Services

During 2021, we have seen an increase in requests for access to online records. Much of this has been driven by the pandemic and the requirements to show a Covid pass for travel or domestic events, but also people are taking more control over their results, and wanting to check on advice given in consultations.

The NHS offers as standard access to Covid pass, medication records and allergies, and from 1st July 2022, you are able to see new entries to your medical consultation records.

You can self-register for this system here if you are 13 or over and have valid photo ID.

If you are not able to use the NHS App, you can choose one of the other online methods:

To register for any of these services, please come into reception any day after 12:30pm (Mon-Fri) with 2 different forms of ID, 1 will need to be valid photographic ID and 1 a recent address ID. You will then be able to complete the Online Service Registration Form and the receptionist will verify your identity. Alternatively if you would like to complete the form in advance you can download the registration form below (you will still need to bring this into reception with your ID):

Online Services Registration Form

 Prescriptions and appointments can be set up within 5 working days. Access to online records may take up to 28 working days (as the GP needs to check the records prior to their release).

Children Under 11yrs

Parents / guardians of children under 11 can apply for “Proxy” access, where their child’s record is linked to their profile, as children under 11 are assumed not to be competent unless there is an indication that they are.

Children Aged 11-15yrs

In order to allow anyone access to their records, a capacity judgement needs to be made. Children under 11 are presumed to lack capacity. Young people and adults aged 16 and above are presumed to have capacity. Both positions can be challenged in individual circumstances, for example, an adult with severe learning difficulties or advanced dementia is unlikely to have capacity.

It is more complicated for children / young people between the ages of 11 and 15 as a judgement of their capacity needs to be made, and this can also change over time. Our policy is that the judgement needs to be made by a clinician in a face to face assessment. The risk for this age group is that if their parent / guardian manages the online account for a patient who has capacity, the child / young person may be reticent to access healthcare such as contraception if they thought their parent or guardian would see this online.

We have discussed this need as a Partnership team, and we have taken the decision that we cannot prioritise this requirement over provision of clinical care, so we are not offering this age group access to online services. Once the young person turns 16, consent can be presumed and the service re-enabled.

In order that we limit the disadvantage that this might cause to patients or their families of this age who are on repeat medication, we have agreed that they can have temporary (whilst they are aged 11-15) access to an email address to request repeat medication. If this affects you or your child, please speak to one of our reception team who will be happy to help you. Please note this email address can ONLY be used for requests for this age group.

If your 12-15 year old needs access to their Covid pass, you can access this by calling 119 at least 7 days in advance of needing it, or requesting a downloadable copy via (click here). This is not something we are able to provide. There is more information here Note that under 12s should not need a Covid pass for international travel.