General MH advice and guidance

NHS 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing

Tips and advice on maintaining wellbeing.


Text SHOUT to 85258

Free, confidential and anonymous MH text support. 


Advice and support regarding MH problems.

NHS Better Health Every Mind Matters

Wellbeing tips and info about coping with MH issues.


Confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to prevent crisis. Open to any age, about a wide range of issues including MH, DV, relationships, homelessness and more.


One of the worlds top 10 MH websites. Offering info re: MH (has a really good page on EUPD), health, children and family, relationships and more. Links to helpful sites and resources.


Guided exercises on self-compassion.

Centre for Clinical Interventions (Australia)

Clinical Psychology service that provides free online resources/ evidence based courses to improve MH.

Spiffy – The Happiness Shop

This is a shop that sells resources to manage anxiety, stress, sleep, self-esteem etc. f.e. worry journals, books for helping ‘young worriers’, mood tracker notebooks etc.


Mindfulness, meditation skills. Can access some of this for free.

Rethink Mental Illness

Information about local groups and services as well as advice and info.

Therapist Aid

Worksheets, guides, interactive activities on many different MH issues.

Psychology Tools

Self-help, articles and info for professionals.

Get Self Help

CBT self-help resources.

Mental Health Foundation

Information and advice about how to look after your MH. Links to helpful sites and resources.


Tel: 0300 304 7000

Out of hours MH helpline that offers emotional support, guidance for those affected as well as family, friends etc. Check site for opening hours.

Mental Health NHS Apps Library

Useful free, NHS recommended apps around managing emotions, reducing self-harm and suicide; thought diaries; coping skills; sleep support and more.