Appointments During the Pandemic

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If you are attending an appointment at the practice, we would ask you to read the following instructions.

  • Please do not attend the practice if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. Call us and reschedule.
  • Please wear a mask if you are able to – this is to protect other patients and staff at the practice.
  • Do not arrive too early for your appointment – no longer than 10 minutes prior to your appointment. If you do arrive earlier, please wait outside or in your car. This is to reduce the amount of people in the building at once.
  • To reduce the risk of the virus spreading, we do keep the doors in the waiting room propped open, and the consulting rooms do have their windows open. The does mean it can be quite cold in the practice, so please wear enough layers to keep warm.
  • If you are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (what used to be called shielding), we are able to accomodate you entering the practice using a back entrance and not needing to wait in the waiting room. Please let us know on booking that you need this.
  • Please bring hand santiser or use the sanitiser available in practice.
  • Please use the toilet at home prior to coming to the practice. Our toilets can be used if absolutely needed, but to try to reduce risk, it would be better to use facilities at home.
  • Please come on your own where you can to reduce footfall in the practice. If you are frail, a child, or need an advocate, we would ask that the person accompanying you also wear a mask.

For more information on Covid-19, please see